Foreign students boost UK economy 海外留学生刺激英国经济增长

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Students attend a lecture

Foreign students bring money and support jobs, says report

在一项由伦敦商界领袖授权进行的研究报告中显示,在伦敦学习的海外留学生对英国经济作出了23亿英镑的贡献,因此商界领袖呼吁政府应把留学生排除在净移民统计数据之外。 请听 BBC 记者 Mark Easton 的报道:

London is the most popular city in the world for international students, with 100,000 in the capital at any one time. Two thirds come from outside the EU - temporary foreign visitors who, according to a study by the business organisation London First and the accountants PwC, contribute £2.3bn net to the UK economy each year and support nearly 70,000 jobs.

The business leaders are urging the government not to include students in their net migration target. It argues ministers should also reinstate the right for foreign students to work in the UK for a few years after graduation.

The Home Office said it was right to include students in net migration figures because all immigrants had an impact on communities, housing and public services.

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